Unigolf Club - Building An Immaculate Golf Swing

how to swing a golf clubA golfer's game has to begin with the fundamental skills when hoping to build the perfect golf swing. All of the tips you will ever read about are going to look at the basics because that is where it all starts. The purpose of Unigolf Club is to discuss what is needed to perfect the basics. This article will consider all factors and variables when it comes to your golf swing and what it needs. For those who are intricate readers, you will enjoy what this has to tell you. When your basics are tweaked for the better, the rest of your game will come together and improve your score.

Improve My Golf Game

Back And Down Is Key

A balanced approach is the only approach you should be going with. Do not stand on your toes or your heels. This is the biggest mistake people make. You want to be standing in the middle of your feet. Look to straighten the hips, line up your spine with the ball, and bend at the knees. This is all about getting your positional strength on point to build the base of your swing. The right side of your body should be lower to the ground than the left. You want to drive the club through by doing this.

Follow This For Perfect Swing

A balanced golfer is going to look like this: hips will remain back, knees will be slightly bent, and your torso is going to tilt forward. This is where your swing should be.

Begin With The Clubhead

When you are checking things off in your mind, it should be clubhead, arms, hands, shoulders, and hips. When you are swinging, you want to keep the right arm in, so you are not working in straight lines. This will reduce your power through the ball. You want the hands to go past the right leg and then shift weight towards the right. When the club is parallel with the ground, you are going to have the club in a straight line with the ball. This is the line you should be going with. You want to keep it as square as possible when it comes to your swing arc. Lining up the hands with your clubhead is a smart thing to do. Keep the shaft in front of the toes.

Shift To The Right

When you are swinging through the ball, you want to keep the weight to your right. You want to fold the right arm in as that is going to help with your angles. Too many people keep the right arm up the entire time, and that is going to create imbalances. You want to bring the left arm higher than the right as your right arm is already controlling the swing. Keep the shaft in the same arc at all times. You want to ensure the shoulders are rotating as your hips go through the shot. It is almost like a recoil effect when you swing. When the shaft reaches your right shoulder, the left arm should be in line with the ground.

Spread The Left Lat At The Top

At this point, your wrists are going to be locked and loaded. You are just looking to drive with the shoulders at the top as the swing comes down. You want to have the hips turning towards the ball on the downswing. If your left arm is rigid, the swing is going to deteriorate. You want to loosen it up a bit at this point. The hands and arms should always remain under the club. This will drive your weight through the ball. This is why the left lat muscle should be spread out as that is going to create energy for your swing.

Drive With The Lower Body Halfway Down

Now the downswing has started and is in full flourish. You need to start thinking about the left knee and hip. You want to keep these two parts over the left foot. Your arms are going to drop, and that means your right elbow should start to line up with the right hip. If your thighs are not facing the ball at this point, you have made a mistake. They should be towards the ball, but the shoulders should still be facing to the side. The rest of the body is going to come afterward as the swing is completed. This is why the head has to remain in a straight line. It is easy to get excited and not work in straight lines as you come down. You want to loosen the wrist because of this reality.


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